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World No Tobacco Day

The world recognizes a No Tobacco Day on May 31 and its purpose is to remind global citizens of the harm that you invite on yourself when you take up smoking as a habit. The task was to come upwith a conversation starter and an eye-catcher. Hence, we saw the challenge as portraying adirect message through smoking-related visuals that people will easily understand.


Art Direction, 3D Visualization


Ministry of Health




We developed three different visuals for the campaign conveying a simple message. Smoking leaves your organs to be nothing but ashtrays for the damage and we took the harshly affected organs: the lungs, the heart, and the kidneys. While conveying a detailed message in the copy within the visual, we made sure that the gruesome nature of smoking's harm was displayed accurately. It raised awareness on the topic and refreshed the communal conversation that our audience had within their social circles.

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