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Brand Identity  Questionnaires 

What is a logo?

A logo is an essential brand element for every business. A logo differentiates you from competitors and instantly conveys a message about the quality and nature of your brand.

Why a logo matters

A great logo sets a business apart, creates intrigue and curiosity. In order to effectively create a logo you first need to understand what makes that business unique and where they’re at in terms of their brand development. Really, it pays to work on the brand first or in conjunction with logo development because the brand values will inform the development of your perfect logo.

Depending on what the requirements are, you may need a logo brief from the client aside from a more general creative brief or questionnaire.

A logo questionnaire is a series of questions your clients answer to give you an understanding about their logo preferences and give you an indication of how they may be to work with as a client. The project scope will become clear with the answers to this questionnaire.

You may be working with them on establishing a new logo or refreshing an old one or you may need to work with them on their overall brand as well. 

A logo questionnaire is closely related to a branding questionnaire, only it is more about one aspect of the branding and not the entire brand. It could be that a new brand strategy has been developed already and the logo is the next item on the list alongside other visual collateral.

A typical initial logo assessment (particularly if it’s just the logo that needs to be done) asks about:

  • Goals and Objectives

  • Audience and clients

  • Products and services

  • Competitors

  • Design preferences

  • Unique selling proposition (what makes them different)

  • Budget

If clients are looking to rebrand, you can also look at:

  • Any issues or problems they’ve bumped up against with the current brand/logo

  • Who they want to be perceived as in the market

  • What colour/visual guidelines, preferences or constraints they have

Why it is so
important to get
it right?

Benefit #1 – Avoiding project failure

A good logo questionnaire helps ensure that your design isn’t a massive fail.

A logo brief is like a roadmap for you as a designer. It highlights what’s important to the client. 

Benefit #2 – Easier sales

It is way easier to sell to a client that tells you what they are out to achieve and what their preferences are.

Benefit #3 – Filtering bad clients

You’ll get a sense of how organised and clear your prospective clients are with this questionnaire. Do they need a new brand? Are they disorganised and unclear in their communication? You can tease all of this out in your logo questionnaire. They may be rushing things and that may not bode well for you, or they may take ages to get back to you, giving you an indication that this may be how they approach the project when you get started.

Benefit #4 – Setting cost expectations

A logo questionnaire will also establish the client’s budget expectations. If it’s clear they need their brand redeveloped before they work with you on a logo, this is the time to raise this with the client. If they have unrealistic expectations in terms of pricing, you may want to refer them to someone else who may be a better fit.

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